Episode 4 – Community Day at Grand Army Plaza

This episode, we recap our experience at the first ever Pokémon Go Community Day and discuss all the changes in the latest app update.

4:44 – 2018 is the “Year of Legendary Pokémon”
6:54 – v0.89.1 app update
19:45 – Community Day recap
40:01 – Weather report read more…

Episode 3 – Kyogre Raids Are LIVE

Tune in this week for our raid guide for the legendary water-type Pokémon Kyogre. We also discuss the recently announced monthly Community Day event and lots more.

0:43 – News: Kyogre released
4:15 – News: Community Day announced
12:14 – What we’ve been up to
24:17 – Kyogre raid guide
31:45 – 41st nest migration
36:10 – Weather report read more…

Episode 2 – Maybe Next Time

This episode we discuss an unexpected migration, and some of our pain points as dedicated Pokémon Go players.

1:12 – What we’ve been up to
3:00 – News: Seviper migration, new round of EX raids, Kyogre nerfed
10:07 – Discussion: Holiday event ends
15:38 – Discussion: Shinies and Pokémon Go
21:03 – Discussion: Gen 3 egg pool
26:12 – Discussion: Move changes with Gen 3
28:30 – Discussion: Thoughts on the raid system
39:53 – Weather report

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Episode 1 – Happy New Year!

In our inaugural episode, we discuss Gen III, the weather system and a whole lot more happening in-game.

Show notes:

00:00 – Introductions
04:58 – Podcast concept
07:00 – What we’re up to in PoGo
14:30 – Gen III discussion
18:51 – Weather system discussion
28:30 – Discussion: Holiday boxes
32:40 – Bug report: Inventory bug
38:06 – News: New Pokestops and gyms incoming
42:30 – Discussion: EXmas raid invite
49:13 – Meta discussion
57:25 – NYC nest update
58:58 – NYC weather report

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Level 37, Team Mystic

A veteran Pokémon podcaster, Jowy has been a fan of the franchise since even before the release of Red and Blue versions in the US. When he is not behind the mic, he can be found raiding in the Flatiron District and taking long walks filling his Pokédex.

Favorite Pokémon: Charmeleon
Favorite Generation: I



Level 35, Team Valor

A Pokémon card and video game enthusiast, Adell has played since Gen I. He spends much of his time hunting down the best battlers.

Favorite Pokémon: Scizor
Favorite Generation: IV

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